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Game Week: Georgia

Dawgsports_mediumDon't forget to check out Dawg Sports to follow Georgia this week.

This week UB is heading down to Georgia to, as 2010 put it, "steal a win". Beating Georgia would not be stealing a win here so much as committing grad larceny.

The Bulldogs sit at number six in the nation and have a better than even shot at repeating as SEC East Champs this year. The number of mid major schools that could be expected to run with the dogs can be counted on one hand.

To further complicate things UB will be without their most potent defensive threat, Khalil Mack. Mack, an All-MAC selection and an honorable mention All-American by Sports Illustrated, was suspended for one game due to an altercation with Receiver Fred Lee.

Georgia lines up this season having lost three offensive linemen to the NFL draft, two of those linemen went in the first four rounds. They are going to start an incoming freshman, John Theus, at tackle.

That's where UB could have done some damage. Theus is a beast and one of the best recruits in the nation but it would have been him versus Khalil Mack and Steven Means in Theus' first college game. To pull an upset of this magnitude you need big plays on defense.

As it stands UB will be facing a pro set offense led by one of the SEC's top quarterbacks. The Bull dogs mix in a bit of hurry up but for the most part they have a competent running game that sets up a lot of play action.

Offensively it has to be the Branden Oliver show. Even if this is the season that Alex Zordich arrives it's not likely going to be this game. If Oliver can be productive UB can both set up the pass and perhaps do something to keep Aaron Murray off the field.