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Know Your Bulls: #65 Dillon Guy


Dillion's Mugshot via

Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.

Position: Left Guard

From: Hamilton, Ontario

Played 11 games last season.

Dillon Guy is one of several linemen that have come to Buffalo from Canada. There have been, of course, Canadian Linemen on the Bulls roster going back some years but under Buffalo Coach Jeff Quinn it seems UB makes an effort to pull in at least one per season.

And in Guy's case, it was just in the nick of time. While the 2011 line was far less injury riddled than the 2010 edition there were still holes that needed to be filled and as a true freshman the 320 pound Guy did a great job of filling in on the line.

The graduate of Champlain College, and captain of Canada's world team, started six games last season and provided depth in five others.

This spring Guy switched from the right side over to the left. He is slated to back up Graham Whinery.