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Talking Bull: Really Harvey?

Updyke being escorted away from the SEC Softball Tournament
Updyke being escorted away from the SEC Softball Tournament

I have no words... Why in the hell did he risk any trouble over softball when you know Alabama wants *nothing* to do with you!

Harvey Updyke Ejected From SEC Softball Tournament, Led Away By Police - From Our Editors -
On Friday, world-famous Alabama Crimson Tide fan and tree-poisoner Harvey Updyke was ejected from an SEC softball tournament on the University of Alabama campus. This turn of events was first reported to us by Brian Rice, who was in attendance at the tournament. Updyke was led away by police. You can see photos after the jump

Stop me if you heard this one before

So a Big East team walks into a layers office.....

Pittsburgh sues Big East in hopes of moving exit date up a year - ESPN
PITTSBURGH -- The University of Pittsburgh is going to court in hopes of expediting its exit from the Big East. The school filed a complaint in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County on Friday claiming the Big East has waived its right to enforce a 27-month withdrawal notice and the Panthers should be allowed move to the ACC without further penalty by the 2013-14 conference year

You can't really blame the Panthers. Right now they have a "gentleman's agreement" to leave after this season, the same one that the Syracuse Orange have. Now the commissioner is gone and two football adds appear to be getting cold feet. If Boise has second, third, and then fourth and final thoughts the Big East could very well try to force Pitt and/or Syracuse to stay.

Most of Pitt's reasons for the suit or ironic. They cite the unstable membership (which they and Syracuse created) as a reason they should not be bound by the contract.

Chances are that this never sees a court and the parties negotiate a *written* exit agreement but this is the Big East.... You never really know.

End of a UB Era

UB Rowing Head Coach Rudy Wieler to Retire - Buffalo Athletics
After leading the University at Buffalo rowing program to national prominence and a handful of hardware, head coach Rudy Wieler announced Wednesday evening that he will retire, wrapping up an 11-year reign over a program he helped build from its infancy and a 45-year career in the sport he loves.

For about a decade the Rowing team has been UB's most consistent success. Now when Director White comes on board he will have to replace the man who built it from the ground up.