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CIT Round 2: Never Bet On Your Own Team

Well more accurately, don't feel confident enough about UB to ever bet on win.

Seven months ago, I bet on the UB at Pitt football game while I was in Las Vegas. The bookmakers expected us to get destroyed by the Panthers, I assumed we'd lose but not by a large margin, I was right...altho my financial windfall was tarnish by idk 32 Ed Young drops in that game.

So on a spontaneous St. Patty's/March Madness trip to Vegas, I thought UB can take Oakland. I'll put money on it. Sometimes bleeding Blue and White makes me ignore the very numbers I posted here. Home teams are playing lights out in the CIT tournament.

After the 2nd round, home teams are 79%. Teams ranked higher in RPI on the road are 5-9, a 36% win percentage. In round 2, neither #2 Buffalo nor #1 Weber State were able to survive their road challenges.

With 8 teams left, look for Old Dominon and Oakland to win as higher ranked teams playing at home. Fairfield should win despite being lower ranked because the game is at home. LMU should be able to overcome Utah State on the road.

Home Teams: 19-5
Higher Ranked Teams: 15-9
Higher Ranked Teams Playing at Home: 10-0
Lower Ranked Teams Playing at Home: 9-5

This post has 0 post game analysis, but browsing the game thread comments, it looks like we struggled with timeout management and we did what Tim advised the team not to do; try to run and gun with Oakland. Also, I did not bet on the game...I got to Vegas around 3pm pst, placed my bet on UB, only to be told, the game was already over, and that the Bulls lost.