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Buffalo gets the CIT, again...

Cit-logo_web1_mediumFor the second year in a row the Buffalo Bulls. This year UB starts off by taking on American at Wednesday 7:30pm.

So missing the NCAA is heartbreaking, missing the NIT is disappointing and missing the CBI is "meh".

Last year the CIT expended its field from 16 to 24 teams. Typically when you have an off number of teams in a tournament you give a by round right off the bat. The CIT is doing things a bit differently.

The top four seeded teams of the first round will sit out the second round while the rest of the filed will be rearranged and re-seeded. In years past the CIT has tried to pair up schools that are geographically close to help out attendance and keep travel cost down.

It's generally recognized as the 'lowest' of the NCAA tournaments but with so much Chaos in conference tournaments the NIT filled up quick. The difference between the CBI and the CIT is that the CIT does not invite from the Big6 Conferences. Liek the CIB however home games are bought.