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2012: Best of Bull Run #9: True Blue UB Fans

2012 was a great year for UB and a great year for UB Bull Run. 2012: Best of Bull Run Looks back at the 20 top stories covered by Bull Run during 2012.

Written by fans, hardcore fans, and read mostly by the hardcore fan, we sometimes take you for granted. However a few articles focused on the fan this year.

99 for 99 - #80: UB True Blue Created by bull_trojan May 27, 2012

My favorite road trip was 2008 Pittsburgh, UB True Blue had an amazing presence there that has been missed in my last two trips to Tennessee and Georgia, hopefully UBTB is in full force again in Columbus this August.

Oh you lucky lucky class of 2012ers.

Meanwhile Dr. BrandedBull finished his in-depth psychological analysis on the UB fan: