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2012: Best of Bull Run #13: The Spring Game

2012 was a great year for UB and a great year for UB Bull Run. 2012: Best of Bull Run Looks back at the 20 top stories covered by Bull Run during 2012.

The 2012 Spring Game was an exciting time because we had no idea who our best Quarterback would be. I wrote about faking the entire game, to put on a good controversy free show for the UB faithful:

10 Reasons Why I'd Choreograph the Spring Game by bull_trojan April 13, 2012

Tim recapped the actual non-choreographed (as far as I know) Spring Game. It is eerily accurate as to what we would expect for 12 games in 2012:

Zordich looked good, but still only completed 53% of his passes
Joe Licata got off to a very shaky start...As the day went on he got a lot sharper
Tony Daniel, Maybe even a game changer
Rashad Jean was the very pleasant surprise.

Tep's Defense: A lot of drop back linebacker / lineman. I don't really like it but he's a coach and I run a blog so until I see otherwise, for myself, I'm going to assume he understands it far better than I do.

Dead on.

Buffalo Spring Game Wrapup by Tim Riordian April 16, 2012