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Buffalo Steps on Notre Dames Throat, Then takes their foot off.

When you play a DII school under the guise of keeping up you form you hope to avoid giving up more than 40 in a half.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good news, bad news kind of night for Reggie Witherspoon and the Buffalo Bulls.

The good news is that at tip off UB came out ready to play the role that a DI school should when they pay to bring in a DII program.By the time the game was six minutes old UB had built up a 17-2 lead. By this point McCrea had already put up six points and the Bulls had effectively neutered Notre Dame.

The Bad news is that over the next 35 minutes UB would only outscore Notre Dame of Ohio, a division II school, by five points.

To be fair UB played the bench pretty deeply. Richie Sebuharara played 20 minutes which is the same amount of time that Javon McCrea was on the floor. Nine Buffalo players put in more than 17 minutes.

McCrea, Will Regan, and Cameron Downing did the most damage, combing for 49 points while missing just seven shots. McCrea needed the night. Buffalo's big man has been in a drought which led to him scoring just five points over his last two games.

The Bulls head back on the road and open up 2013 on Wednesday night at Tulsa. Tip off is scheduled for 8:05.