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Talking Bull: Game Changers..

Talking Bull: Game Changers..

Kissing the Big East goodbye?
Kissing the Big East goodbye?
Otto Kitsinger III

Two big bits of news concerning Boise and the Big East

Reports: Mountain West restructures TV deal, is bidding to hold onto Boise State |'s Dennis Dodd reported that the Mountain West and CBS have agreed to restructure the league's television contract. Under the new terms, the Mountain West would be able to sell secondary packages to other networks with CBS remaining the primary rightsholder.

If the Mountain West can increase the value of its current television contract — $8 million split between its members — and be competitive (or even best) the Big East's rights deal, then one of the major incentives for Boise State to leave would be removed.

Boise State Broncos discussing staying in Mountain West, snubbing Big East - ESPN
The source said the focus of the Mountain West is to lure the Broncos back in light of the Big East shakeup that has seen Louisville and Rutgers commit to leave the league for the ACC and the Big Ten, respectively, in 2014, and then the potential devaluing of the television deal with seven Catholic-based non-FBS schools announcing a split as late as June 30, 2015.

Boise went to the Big East for two reasons. The first was a spot at the BCS big boys table and the second was more money.

Well the spot at the table is gone and the money is dwindling.If the MWC can get even close to 1-2 million per school then the Big East might have give up the dream of a western flank.

There are also murmurings that the MWC is trying to picth Houston.

Steven Means was a game changer

Top Senior Prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft: MAC | - 2013 NFL Draft
Steven Means – DE – Means is a defensive end who could pique the interest of NFL scouts. Means has posted 12 sacks during his 3 year playing career and has the frame to be a fit in almost any system. Standing 6’3″ 260 pounds he has the size to play OLB in a 3-4 or keep his hand in the ground in a 4-3 defense.

Means has potential but really had a so-so junior year that pulled down his viability coming into this season. If any Bull ends up in an NFL rookie camp this year it will be means.