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Buffalo falls to Temple

Things go from bad to worse

Chris Chambers

UB's offensive production, 39 points, was the meekest home performance 2003. Temple exploited that and sent Buffalo to their worst start since 2000.

Temple played an extremely bland boring ball but they out rebounded the Bulls, only sent them to the free throw line twice, and held them to under 33% shooting. The lack of rebounds contributed to UB getting out to a 3 for 23 start. After the break, Buffalo shot 42.3 percent, although missing its only free throw.

Buffalo was led by Javon McCrea who had a game-high 14 points and Will Regan who notched nine, but was held scoreless in the first half. Tony Watson added five points and Cameron Downing finished with four points for UB.

"The game obviously wasn’t a beauty contest. I thought they were more physical than we were. We’re not operating in a way where we are physically confronting our opponent. They did. They stepped up and were a very physical team." -- Reggi Witherspoon