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Tulane to the "Big East"... It's not longer Big and it's no longer East

Let's rehash the Big East discussion

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

In case you have not heard Tulane is off to the Big East... That's right this mediocre football team and scandal laden basketball team brings three important things to the table.

A big market, New Orleans: Forget the fact that despite being in the New Orleans Market pretty much everyone in Louisiana who is not a Tulane Alum is an LSU fan. To be fair a third of the Tulane alums are also LSU fans.

A high academic standing. Not something that the Big East east has really cared about but I suppose adding a fine school like Tulane could muffle the snark aimed at them on the front.

Capitol: Tulane is putting a ton of money into faculties. Of course they are making UCF look like chumps. UCF paid for the Buildings, got better, and then "moved up"... Tulane gets to "move up" first.

Notice that football or basketball is not listed anywhere here. The hoops schools have to be spitting mad at this.

They are also adding ECU, Football only starting in 2014.

ECU makes more sense than Tulane, and Football only is better than nothing but the Pirates are, I think, selling themselves short by joining the old Conference USA as a football only member.

They Bring solid football and a very loyal fanbase. It's a very good move, something I thought the Big East had forgotten to do.

But by bringing in another football only member the Big East is re-enforcing the very dysfunction that causes half of it's issues, The other half are caused by the ACC spanking them every couple of years.

Last year Conrad asked us if UB should Join the Big East. Most fans said Yes, in any form 63%. 24% said UB is better off in the MAC and the rest were interested in Football only or "only if UConn and Louisville".

I'm going to put the Question out to UBNation once more..