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Talking Bull: Notre Dame, of the SEC!

Jonathan Daniel

Great read from the mothership!

Notre Dame, the best SEC team not in the SEC -
I'm a Florida fan, and I have many Florida fan friends, and I follow many SEC writers, bloggers, and cheerleaders, and I have seen all sorts of outlandish assertions about Notre Dame's assumed inferiority to either the Alabama juggernaut or Mark Richt's excellent Georgia team. Notre Dame would be the seventh-best team in the SEC! Notre Dame is going to lose by 20! The Irish have no offense! These obviously sound points are going to be repeated ad nauseam by:

Will an ACC divisional champ miss out on bowl season?

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets would need waiver for bowl if they lose to FSU Seminoles - ESPN
While Georgia Tech needs a waiver if it loses the ACC title game, a win would send the Yellow Jackets to the Orange Bowl as the ACC champion. Georgia Tech could play Kent State if the Flashes, currently No. 17 in the BCS rankings, beat Northern Illinois for the Mid-American title Friday and move into the top 16 in the final BCS rankings.

Looking more and more like the Yellow Jackets will have to beat Florida State to go bowling.

If you have to walk away, walk away proud

John Embree puts the Colorado administration to shame with one of the best "I've been fired" press conferences I have ever seen!

Jon Embree blasts Colorado, Mike Bohn pretty much does too -
Jon Embree leaves Colorado having delivered an outpouring during his final presser, wiping away tears and implying at one point a school like Colorado might as well hire "mercenaries" if they want immediate football success. With his upset players voicing their support for him, he pointed to academics, minding rules and raising up leaders as areas in which an instant-winner coach would not be able to measure up.