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Talking Bull: Let the Quinn supporters speak their minds!

Let the Quinn supporters speak their minds!

Hey I have supports! Let them talk!
Hey I have supports! Let them talk!
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First the Spectrum!

Solving the Quinn conundrum - Opinion - The Spectrum - The University of Buffalo
But this move is not about long-term history; it is about what Quinn has done for the team lately. This contract extension is the right move. A three-game win streak is an anomaly in Western New York, and it can be attributed to the head coach. Some don’t understand.

On this point they are right. UB has I think just two three game win streaks in it's FBS era. One was in 2008 anf then the one Quinn and the Bulls managed to piece together this season. Those wins despite being close to losses and against losing teams gave us all a feeling that maybe this program is not moribund after all.

But I thought we were trying to get away from those low expectations, move towards producing a program like Toledo, or Ohio, or NIU. Where the expectation is at least a winning season most years and to be a squad that often competes for a divisional title.

Then Mendola

No one is going to argue that a 9-27 mark is savory, but credit to White for not forcing a fire/hire just to stamp "Danny’s pick" on his head coach. In fact, the humble move from the big-time basketball guy leads me to understand how a young man gets an athletic director’s job. Age doesn’t matter if you have the wit and wisdom to make the right call. Signing Quinn to an extension gives new recruits confidence that they’ll be playing for the guy who’s recruiting them and Quinn’s team is certainly knocking on the door.

I'll tip my hat to Mendola to respect how close to the program he is but something he is overlooking is that most of Quinn's Recruits are not choosing between Buffalo and another FBS program.

Coaches recruiting is good but not so good it warrants an extension on that basis alone.

Around CFB

All Hail Notre Dame

College football scores, Top 25 reviewed: Notre Dame works the process -
Notre Dame. Played every game they've played in 2012: looked inconsistent on offense, gave up yardage between the 20 yard lines, waited for the other team to spit the bit (usually via an INT to Manti Te'o), and then capitalized on those mistakes while bunkering around their own endzone in a 22-13 win over rival USC. They are not a pretty football team, but neither is their coach Brian Dennehy, and both just keep cashing checks and smiling.

As a semi closeted Irish fan this is the worst matchup they could have hoped for. In an ideal world they are #2 and facing off against Kansas State or Oregon.

I respect their defense, it's stingy and has done well against pretty much everyone but that offense is a B squad in the SEC and those defense will eat them alive.

All Hail .... Kent?

Full BCS rankings for Week 14: Notre Dame-Alabama top, Kent State could steal Oklahoma's spot -
Kent State reaches its highest-ever place in the BCS Standings at No. 17 after debuting in the Standings for the first time in school history last week. The Golden Flashes' current ranking is the highest position for a MAC school since Ball State reached No. 12 on Nov. 30, 2008.

NIU received something of a bad deal from the poll voters and thus at 20 it's unlikely that even with a win they can get down to #16. Too few teams ahead of them are going to play and lose. So it looks like all that need to happen is for Kent to win and either Texas or UCLA to lose.

All Hail .... CMU?

Will Central Michigan Actually Make A Bowl Game? - Hustle Belt
Make no mistake, the 6-6 team is not tremendous, but they did win enough games to get to that eligibility mark. And six wins is exactly as much as head coach Dan Enos won in his first two years. To put it another way, they're on a three-game winning streak, matching each of Enos's first two seasons. So hey! Progress!

Because Purdue won it's not looking likey CMU will crack a bowl with just six wins. Still possible but not likely.

Bulls Basketball gets win number two, sort of...

Bulls defeat D-II opponent, earn second win - Sports - The Spectrum - The University of Buffalo
Prior to the win, the young Buffalo squad – which graduated four of its top five scorers from last season – was off to its worst start since the 2000-01 season. Saturday’s game was the Bulls’ second at home this year (1-1) and first in Alumni Arena since the season opener on Nov. 10.

This was actually a close game for a very long time and at one point tied mid way through the first. All it does it add to my belief this is going to be a long year.