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Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn receives a contract extension

Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn receives a contract extension

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The Buffalo News’ Bob DiCesare is reporting that the University at Buffalo Bulls have agreed to a three-year contract extension with head coach Jeff Quinn through the 2017 season (Article is behind a paywall) The team is expected to announce the contract as soon as today, the News article reports.

If True this is a three yea extension to a coach who is averaging two FBS wins per season.

Until very recently Quinn was considered one of the most embattled coaches in football. UB was in the midst of another one win season before the Bulls started a three game winning streak. The problem is that streak has been against mediocre teams and has not featured impressive wins. The victories have been come from behind wins against Miami (4-7), Western Michigan (4-8), and UMass (1-10).

Most fans had come to the point where they were happy to give the former Brian Kelly assistant another year on his current contract. UB is returning a lot of talent at the skill positions for 2013 and coach Quinn could have used that season to prove himself. To earn an extension rather than being handed one.

Let's be honest, nobody was going to be beating a path to UB's door this December trying to take Quinn away and the University still had him under contract for two seasons. When the contract details come out I sure hope that we see Danny White have pulled some magic with the buyout clauses or pay structure.

To be in his position and just give Quinn another three years under the same terms would signal that white may not be ready to fight for the future of UB football until he cleans up other areas of the department.