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Talking Bull: Can I get a Hell Yea!

Talking Bull: Can I get a Hell Yea!

Can I get BO!
Can I get BO!

Hell Yea! UB's offense should be complete!

Campus Watch | The Buffalo News
Running back Bo Oliver and wideouts Alex Neutz and Fred Lee are all probable for Saturday's game against Toledo at UB Stadium.

This will be the first time since week two that we will have our first line half back and our starting compliment of receivers. The excuses for anemic redzone performance end now!

Hell Yea! College kids tweet the darnedest things

Should college athletes be banned from Twitter? -
COLLEGE KIDS ARE IDIOTS. This point cannot be overstated. At least five times a month I see a college kid say something awful on Twitter and thank God that Twitter wasn't around when I was in college.

All these College programs are banning tweets for a reason but sadly stupid can't be banned. All Twitter does is remove a relatively harmless outlet for that stupidity.

I've not really been paying attention but when is the last time a tweet by an athlete brought down the NCAA on a program?

Hell No? The Power conference may not include seventh Bowl

Seventh access bowl for BCS unlikely, sources say - ESPN
"Three weeks ago it was probably 90-10 (that a seventh bowl game would happen), now I would put it at less than 50 percent," another source said.

The net effect here is that the non power conference, including the Big East, are going to be defacto locked out of the championship picture. And were not talking "BCS" locked out. At least in the BCS there were table scraps like the Rose Bowl (TCU). In this new system a mid major (or Big East team) can finish undefeated at #10 in the nation and not get a big bowl... Welcome back to the 1990's.

And why? Because the seventh bowl might *only* draw 25 million versus the 60-80 million the Big Bowls will bring int.