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If I had $676,000.00, I'd be rich! What to do with Coach?

So here UB stands in year three of Quinn's tenure. Where is this team headed?

The record is black and white. Jeff Quinn's record is 6 -24. What is not black and white is what did Quinn inherit? Does this coaching staff have the ability to match the talent in the room with a game plan to maximizes the talent? Can this coaching staff out coach a MAC level and above team? They are the grey questions to ask in a black and white world.

I am asking rhetorical questions for many. The frustration for me is my belief that Quinn had taken away five years of UB football from me. I did not expect Quinn to win the Mac the past two seasons. When Quinn was announced the new head coach on December 22, 2009, I would have guaranteed and expected that in 2012, we would be MAC beaters and contend for division champs. Had up and comers at WR with Neutz and Lee. Running backs of Oliver and Potts. Some unbelievable diamond in the rough players on D like Mack and Means. Quinn had work to do with O line, Secondary, and at QB. I didn't worry because offensive genius was thrown around. That Quinn is a mastermind of finding and coaching up O lineman.

The one thing that no one can dispute, we would be basement dwellers in the MAC again. Yes, I know UMASS is hanging in the basement with us. They should be. It is a major jump UMASS just undertook. That being said, I will watch the UMASS vs. UB game with an angst I have not had in over ten years with this program. UMASS does not have a single victory this year but they also have not played a FBS school.

Here is the question, what if the school just happen to have an additional $676,000? As to the coaching staff, do you move in a different direction? I am not asking if UB will by out Jeff Quinn, I am just asking if UB invented a money tree, would you buy out Quinn's contract or let him continue? I do not see the school ponying up that kind of money to buy out Quinn for the record. I am just taking the pulse to see if you want Quinn for the remainder of this season and for two more.

I have been overly critical of Quinn since his first season at UB. It started with simple mistakes like not knowing what down it is. All these years of coaching to not have the innate sense of what down it is. Also upset to see the same mistake repeated over and over again. The mistakes continue today especially on Special Teams. After two and half seasons not to be able to make adjustments at halftime. An NIU fan noted how the adjustments UB made after half last week put the players in a greater inability to make plays. It is a shame when the fans of teams that dismantled us offer up condolences for play calling.

If I found $676,000 in coins in my couch, I would move right now to remove Quinn. Send a message to the fan base and more importantly the players that UB is serious about winning football games. If after two and half years you still do not have the bandwidth to run a Div. 1 MAC program, then the light switch is not going to magically go off soon. It boils down to putting the players in a position to win football games. I am OK with getting beat on the field. I am not OK with getting beat by what the coaches bring to the table Monday - Friday before the ball is kicked off.