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Bowling Green: The good the bad and the ugly

The Good:

  1. Any road win in the MAC East is a good thing. Beating a Bowling Green team who's zone has give UB fits for years, at the Stroh center is something to build on heading into cross divisional play.
  2. The Bulls came back from behind: Bowling Green amassed its largest of the game, seven, with 14:54 left. But the Bulls battled back.

The Bad:

  1. Javon McCrea's free throw shooting: McCrea was just 2-9 from the stripe. He more than made up for it with 16 points and 13 rebounds but those late free throws nearly costs UB the game.
  2. The officiating! In truth it probably benefited us more than the Falcons but it was still painful to watch

Wheresmygroove_medium The Ugly:

Zach Filzen's stat line: 0-6 from the field!

It looked like the Senior had found himself after he threw down 21 points against Akron but he was invisible today.

On the plus side he was taking shots, taking chances. Something that he did not do during his most recent skid.

On the down side among those shots were some really bad looks and some air balls.

The other somewhat comforting aspect is he only got 22 minutes. When a guy just is not on his game that time needs to go to other players.

There were discussions, ahead of the Akron game, about having Zach come off the bench. Maybe it's time to do that, at least until he gets hot again.