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Talking Bull: Hockey Time! Our Terry Pegula?

Big money donors is not something the Athletics program is used to. Typically when UB gets 40 million thrown at them it, appropriately, goes to the medical school. Even the big schools seldom get donations large enough to start a hockey program. It took an 80 million dollar donation from Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula for Penn State to start their hockey program.

While Pegula's name has come up a bit, and while I have heard second hand that some who work for the Sabres are rather convinced that UB will move up Pegula dropping a huge check was not the most likely scenario. Sure there was potential the guy has very deep pockets and likes to help colleges but PSU is his Alma Mater.

Then this poped up in the Sentinel-Tribune. Most of the article rehashes the same rumors and facts already known but this is the first I saw of a UB Alumni potentially getting on board.

University at Buffalo confirms hockey interest (9-25-11) - Sentinel-Tribune

But one source said Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the NHL’s Boston Bruins, may be willing to fund all or part of the Bulls’ hockey program. Jacobs’ other business, Delaware North Companies, is headquartered in Buffalo and he donated $10 million to the school in 2008. He is a graduate of Buffalo’s school of management, holds an honorary doctorate from the school and has served on a number of leadership boards at the school.

NHL Owner, deep pockets, connection to the Area, UB Alumni. I am still not holding my breath but a scenario where the funding appears for a hockey program seems to be emerging where before it was more of a drunk fantasy.

I've seen a lot of people say that north towns is unusable but I've seen only one legitimate reason. The Concrete used around the outside of the base of the feature rink keeps the boards from having any real give to them. I'll take the authors word for it (Sorry I forgot to clip the article last night and cant find it again today).

The rest of the complaint are around the size and appearance.

The size argument is a joke. 1800 is more than enough, if you don't believe me just look at the average NCAA hockey attendance. Most schools average far below 1800. Plus the tight quarters could make a crowd of 1200-1500 fans seem downright scarey. If you had a 3,000 seat rink a crowd of 1200-1500 could get lost.

Give me "grungy, crowded, and loud" over "posh, sparse, and quiet" any day.

For my part I would now give the prospects of UB getting to division one in the next few years a one out of ten chance which is way higher than at this time last season.

Buffalo Football:

Bulls come up small in big moment " Sports " Niagara Gazette
The Connecticut football team that came into UB Stadium on Saturday night isn’t nearly as good as the basketball bully that won by one bucket at Alumni Arena three years ago. It’s not as good as the pack of Huskies that devoured UB in the International Bowl a few weeks later. It’s not even as good as the Pitt team that beat UB in this year’s opener (not to mention the Pitt hoops team the Bulls almost beat in 2006).

MAC Football Week 4 Roundup - Hustle Belt
Sort of an uggo performance all-around by everybody involved, but they did move the ball better, especially on the ground, but weren't able to amass any long drive worth anything beyond their second-quarter field goal to take a 3-0 lead. The jury remains out on what type of spoiler role they can play in the MAC.

MIA: Buffalo Bulls’ Offense - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Buffalo (1-3, 0-1 Mid-American Conference) and UConn (2-2) took the field on a gorgeous, 70-degree homecoming evening. The Bulls played the Huskies tough through the first half, but Connecticut took over in the second half – bringing back sorrowful memories of Buffalo's losses to UConn last year and in the 2009 International Bowl.

UB notebook: Memory of blocked kick fresh for Fardon - UB Football - The Buffalo News
A week earlier a blocked conversion kick factored heavily in a loss at Ball State. The memory may have played a part in the short field goal missed by Peter Fardon early in UB's 17-3 loss to UConn Saturday at UB Stadium.

UB-UConn Game Analysis - Campus Watch - The Buffalo News
Four plays were the difference as UB fell short in a game it could have taken. Missed tackles factored in two big plays by UConn wideout Nick Williams, one of which set up a TD and the other accounting for the game's final points. A missed FG by Peter Fardon hurt. The end zone interception thrown by Chazz Anderson was a killer. Four plays. Otherwise, UB led in first downs, 16-13. in rushing yards, 126-80. And in total yards, 319-293. They led most everywhere but the scoreboard.

A Road Paved in Blue - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Burglund also described True Blue Avenue as "a big block party." The large field, section of the road, and the grass-covered median now make up True Blue Avenue on game day. Performances by the UB Jam Club and the Royal Pitches serenade fans scattered about the Avenue. WRUB provides DJ entertainment between performances. Senior member Jeff Herendeen explained that, although the club has gained in numbers during his time at Buffalo, there is more camaraderie among members.

NCAA Football:

Boy did Toledo get jobbed..

Blown Extra Point Call Syracuse Toledo Video | SportsGrid
This extra point — which video clearly shows went wide left — left a three-point advantage which Toledo erased with a game-tying field goal on the last play of regulation — a field goal which, were the Syracuse XP properly declared no good, would have won the game for the Rockets.

Almost as bad as whats happening to the Big12... A&M is officially gone

Morning Tailgate: What Has Texas A&M Gotten Itself Into By Joining The SEC? -
After a months-long flirtation process that suddenly picked up steam last month, the SEC officially announced that Texas A&M would become the conference's 13th program beginning in 2012, ensuring that we would have a distraction from real football for at least one more week. It is very easy to generalize about the move and say that the Aggies' schedule is about to get much tougher, but ... how much tougher?