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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Run for your life... It's Temple!
Run for your life... It's Temple!
# Team Change Comment
1 Temple +1 Best win of the year for the MAC. Temple is really a 4th down away from being undefeated
2 Toledo -1 These almost game have to be killing Toledo. It' will be interesting to see what happends in MAC play
3 Ohio 0 Tough loss to Rutgers. The loss is not as bad as the fact they were beaten so soundly. Rutgers is a team that OU should have been able to run with.
4 NIU - No advancement for beating Cal Poly. Though I am starting to wonder if NIU is everything that they were advertised to be this season or not.
5 BGSU +2 Behind the Calwfense Bowling Green is 3-1. They only have two give'me games left so that extra point last week could cost them a bowl
6 Ball State +1 Any doubters? Anyone? Army is not the Bowl team they were last season but BSU has definitely turned a coner
7 WMU -1 Nice hard fought game against Illinois but WMU is bumped to make room for Bowling Green and Ball State
8 Miami -3 The Hawks free fall continues. With so many returning starters there is little excuse for play this bad.
9 CMU - Speaking of free fall. Sure you can blame the Quality of opponent but that offense could not have beat an egg
10 Buffalo - Speaking of awful offenses. How do you get into the red-zone three times and come away with just three points
11 Kent - While its nice to seem them get of the schnide there is still the matter of the fact it was against an FCS team.
12 EMU - What can you say, it's EMU vs Penn State, everyone expected a blood bath and the Nittny Lions delivered
13 Akron - Well they beat their FCS opponent this week, and beat them soundly.