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Unit Grades: Bulls dropped by UConn

So here we are again. Another game where the defense, for the most part, does what has to be done but the offense is wholly ineffective. This game was a replay of oh so many weeks last season and leaves some very serious questions about weather or not the progress seen thusfar will be sustained.

UB's schedule going forward does not get any easier. They face three of the top teams in the MAC, and an SEC team. They very well might hit the latter part of the season at 1-7.

Player Of The Game: Nick Williams caught just two passes. But he averaged more than 50 yards per reception and his second catch broke Buffalo's back.

Play Of The Game: The Williams touchdown was the defining moment.

It was over when: Chazz Anderson threw an interception in the endzone. It was the second time the Bulls got into the redzone only to walk away with no points.

Surprisingly Nice: The Bulls out gained, had more first downs, did better on third downs, were more solid running the ball, and generally outplayed UConn

Surprisingly Ugly: Buffalo was totally unable to make the big plays.

Position Grades After the Jump

Quarterbacks: C-

Anderson was under a pretty intense rush but even when he had time he missed wide open receivers. The low point was easily the interception which ended Buffalo's day. After the pick UB was never again really a threat.

Clearly Anderson is not the answer. He is a good game manager but against a solid defensive front UB has no big play potential.

Running Backs: C+

Reasonable day for Oliver. From the get go he had some effective runs.

Wide Receivers: C+

Right up until the last play they were probably pulling a B, but you can't run a seven yard pattern on 4th and 8.

Offensive Line:C-

Anderson spent a good part of the game running for his life and UB's running game seemed most effective only when a full back was in there to help make some room.

Offensive Coaching: F

1st and goal from the five. How do you not even try to run the ball! You have a back that has run for more than one hundred yards three time this season and who is averaging close to four yards a carry in the game.

five yards, three downs...

This is one of those "If you can't score from here you don't deserve to win".

This was some of the worst play calling I have ever seen, and that includes last seasons 'sweep on third and inches'.

Defensive Line: A

They were dominant, truly worked UConn over and made their lives hell. Gordon DuBois was a one man wrecking crew.

Linebackers: A

I missed the first long pass play so I can say who was to blame for those missed tackles but aside from that Skinner and company were effective. They came up on the run really well, filled holes before too much damage was done, and were enough of a presence in the secondary to make the UConn passing game moot.

Defensive Backs: C

Too many missed tackles. UConns numbers were not all that good but UConn is not a very good team.

Defensive Coaching: A

Coach Inge continues to make the right adjustments at the right time. Late in the game while Buffalo was still down one score he cut over to a four man front and completely befuddled UConn, holding them up so the offense could get another try.

Special Teams (Kicking / Punting) A

Punting was amazing, so sad that we see enough of them to know just how good they are.:

Special Teams (Returning) D:

Just a terrible day for Jackson in the return game. He was uncharacteristically sloppy.