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Depth Chart for Pitt Released.

He'll be wearing Blue this time around!
He'll be wearing Blue this time around!

Here is the three deep for Pitt:

Offense 1 2 3 Defense 1 2 3
WR Alex Neutz Devon Hughes Cordero Dixon DE Steven Means Kristjan Sokoli  
LT Gabriel Barbe Jake Silas   NG Richie Smith Wyatt Cahill  
LG Dillon Guy A. Bartholomew   DE Gordon DuBois Colby Way  
C Graham Whinery Jasen Carlson   OLB Khalil Mack Kendall Roberson  
RG Andre Davis Josh Violanti   ILB Scott Pettigrew -or- Fred Branch  
RT Matt Ostrowski Gokhan Ozkan   ILB Lee Skinner Mark Richardson Khari Brown
TE Jimmy Gordon Alex Dennison Aaron Connacher OLB Jaleel Verser Dalonte Wallace Imani Chatman
QB Chazz Anderson
Alex Zordich   CB Najja Johnson Dwellie Striggles -or- Carlos Lammons
RB Branden Oliver Jeffvon Gill Anthone Taylor SS Isaac Baugh Witney Sherry  
WR Terrell Jackson Ed Young Saron Hood FS Josh Copeland Okoye Houston  
WR Marcus Rivers Fred Lee   CB Cortney Lester Joe Petit -or- Marqus Baker

Special 1 2 2
P Jacob Schum -or- Peter Fardon  
PK Peter Fardon Patrick Clarke  
LS Tim Krantz Graham Whinery -or- Jimmy Gordon
HLD Jacob Schum Cory Jorgensen  
KOR Terrell Jackson Cortney Lester  
PR Terrell Jackson Ed Young -or- Cordero Dixon


Thoughts After the Jump:

Initial Thoughts:


Biggest Surprise: James Potts is nowhere to be found. I expected at least he would be third among the running backs.

Biggest Red Flag: Three freshman starting on the line! The size is vastly improved over last season but these are still freshman.

Nice to See: Rivers, Jackson, and Neutz made it through camp without any real danger of losing their spots.


Biggest Surprise: Lee Skinner starting. It's not surprising given the summer he had but it is surprising that he beat out a lot of experienced linebackers

Biggest Red Flag: The backup for our nose tackle, Wyatt Cahill, checks in at 275. That's a bit light for that position, even in a hybrid.

Nice to See: Means and Mack get through the summer with no injuries.