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Counting down to 2012: #9 Returning to Greatness

The Bulls have never field a particularly impressive kick off return game. Last seasons showing, 19.1 yards per return ranked 109th nationally. That is the best UB has done in the kickoff game for some years, and it adds to a special teams deficiency that has plagued UB going back to the days before even Turner Gill set foot on campus.

Where the Bulls have shown some improvement is in the punt return game, last season in particular with Jackson leading the unit to a national ranking of 8th.

Returning and covering the kick can be the difference when a team was as bad as the Bulls. One solid return here or there can win many a pillow fight, especially if you're sporting an offense that averages less than 15 points per game. The Bulls will already be breaking in a new Kicker if the kickoff return game is not effective the offense will have even less help from the special teams units this year than they did last.

Besides Terrell Jackson UB fans might get a chance to see James Potts or Jeffvon Gill, both have the speed to do real damage as kick returners..