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EA Sports NCAA 12: Tight End Rankings

This is one in a series of posts about the UB roster in NCAA 12. Based on user feedback I will use team builder to complete and correct some of their errors on the Buffalo Roster. NCAA 12 is imminent.

Later this month I will start rushing the kids to bed a few minutes earlier so I can get my fix on the belated fathers day gift.

What will follow is a stream of restart and cursing that the computer cheats as my wife, appropriately, rolls her eyes and wonder why in the heck I let the game get me so upset and why I use that time as my spin down in the evening.

To me a good tight end is worth one and a half good receivers. It's easier to create a mismatch in pas coverage or break away un noticed if you can set up with the play action.

UB had little in the way of effective passing last season, and that included the tight ends. There was some promise at the position before Jake Reeder went down with a season ending injury.

It will also be interesting to see what Dennison brings to the position.

So when you play NCAA 12 what will UB's tight ends look like?

They missed a ton of details, players numbers, year, and measurables were all off. Rather than go with a poll I just made my best guess. If you see anything that should be different let me know.

Pos Number Year Name Height Weight Rating Type
TE 84 SO Jake Reeder 6-5 236 64 Blocking
TE 12 SO Alex Dennison 6-3 218 59 Balanced
TE 80 SR Aaron Connacher 6-5 259 55 Blocking
TE 82 SO Jimmy Gordon 6-4 245 52 Blocking
TE 89 FR Matt Weiser 6-4 220 50 Poss