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EA Sports NCAA 12: Halfback Rankings

This is one in a series of posts about the UB roster in NCAA 12. Based on user feedback I will use team builder to complete and correct some of their errors on the Buffalo Roster.

NCAA 12 is imminent. Later this month I will start rushing the kids to bed a few minutes earlier so I can get my fix on the belated fathers day gift.

What will follow is a stream of restart and cursing that the computer cheats as my wife, appropriately, rolls her eyes and wonder why in the heck I let the game get me so upset and why I use that time as my spin down in the evening.

When I fire it up what will the Buffalo backfield look like?

Well, unless some players are added you wont be seeing Dale Stewart or Anthone Taylor. They are not included on the current roster, so that is the first thing that needs to be changed.

Something else that might require some tweaking is the ranking given to James Potts.

Here are the RB's in the Buffalo Template: Players in bold are absent from the game..

Pos Number Year Name Height Weight Rating Type
HB 32 SO Branden Oliver 5-7 194 61 Speed
HB 21 JR Jeffvon Gill 6-1 212 60 Power
HB 43 JR Josh Fuller 5-8 190 55 Power
HB 1 FR James Potts 5-11 190 51 Balanced
HB ? FR Dale Stewart 5-11 185 ? ?
HB ? FR Anthone Taylor 5-11 195 ? ?

Thoughts? Well James Potts is scored ridiculously low. Its way to early to crown him as 'the next James Starks' or an all conference player in the making but Im pretty sure he is at least in the high 50's, if not low 60's.

Stewart is, I think, a speed back while Taylor more of a power guy. I'm going to set them both up at about 55.

So how would you rate Potts?