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EA Sports NCAA 12: Quarterback Rankings

This is one in a series of posts about the UB roster in NCAA 12. Based on user feedback I will use team builder to complete and correct some of their errors on the Buffalo Roster.

NCAA 12 is imminent. Later this month I will start rushing the kids to bed a few minutes earlier so I can get my fix on the belated fathers day gift.

What will follow is a stream of restart and cursing that the computer cheats as my wife, appropriately, rolls her eyes and wonder why in the heck I let the game get me so upset and why I use that time as my spin down in the evening.

By the way, the computer totally cheats ;)

So, in advance to the release, I decided to check out the Roster that was put together for the upcoming Bulls team. NCAA is pretty thorough for the big boys but they cen be sloppy with mid majors in recent years. Let's face it how many people are going to buy the game and spin up their Buffalo franchise?

So I am only mildly surprised that on a team with five QB's heading into summer EA Sports missed one..

Here are the QB's in the Buffalo Template: Players in bold are absent from the game..

Pos Number Year Name Height Weight Rating Type
QB 15 SO Alex Zordich 6-3 219 63 Balanced
QB 14 FR Joe Licata 6-3 205 62 Scrambler
QB 4 JR Jerry Davis 6-3 201 57 Scrambler
QB 8 FR Rudy Johnson 6-0 194 53 Scrambler
QB ? FR Tony Daniel 6-5 198 ? ?

Zordich should not be so much higher than Davis. But aside from that I cant say I disagree too much with this. Until the Bulls prove otherwise I don't think they are going to have a QB rated at or above 65.

I am a little perplexed with Licata, I was my opinion that he was more of a pocket passer, or at least a 'balanced' QB than a scrambler. The bits I've seen of his play and his overall stats don't scream "Run with the ball".

So what say you, How would you ifx this roster?