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Talking Bull: Preview Palooza and the Chutzpah of AQ Teams

Pryorpatch_medium_mediumTennessee learnd a little something from OSU. The Vols decided that if they punished themselves then maybe the NCAA will step aside. After all rumors are that the vacated buckeye wins, you know the ones where they don't give any money back, have quelled the NCAA's wrath.

Ohio State Football Won't Face New Violations For Jim Tressel Scandals -
The Ohio State Buckeyes will not face any new violations from the NCAA for Jim Tressel's involvement in several scandals surrounding his former football team, reports the Columbus Dispatch. According to an NCAA report the Dispatch obtained:

But the Vol's are taking that one step further. The self imposed punishment that tennessee is putting on itself? wait for it...... Two years of Probation!

Tennessee Self-Imposes Two Years Probation For NCAA Violations -
After responding to a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA in May, Tennessee has self-imposed a two-year probation period for violations committed by the football and basketball teams, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Well I'm glad to see how seriously that Vol's are taking this. Being on self imposed probation means that they will have to behave for a full two years! what a punishment that is. I suppose that having Lans Kiffin in your coaching lineage may be considered cruel and unusual punishment  but in what universe is two years of doing your damn job considered a punishment?

MAC Previews:

The MAC daily gives an orbital view of the MAC in which Temple, once again, is in the drivers seat.

2011 MAC Predictions " The Mac Daily - Major coverage for a major conference.
At the bottom of the division, Bowling Green and Buffalo will compete for fifth place while lowly Akron looks to scrape together one or two wins.

Matt Susman at Hustle belt task the Sports Network to task. Apparently the five minutes they spend writing up the conference was not to his liking.

Let's All Laugh At The Sports Network's MAC Preview - Hustle Belt
But where they really lost me was their prediction of divisional finishes. I'm not ready to really decide who's the best — and 1-11 Miami showed us nobody knows anything — but even using the conventional predictor tools this doesn't seem like anything close to what'll happen:

VanDelay usually does some great previews and his Buffalo section is decent, except he has us losing to Bowling Green.

2011 MAC Football Preview: 2011 MAC Football Preview @ VanDelay Sports
VanDelay Sports is well known for its annualMAC football recruiting analysis, Pigskin Preview andweekly MAC football picks. With the 2011 college football season set to kick off shortly, we present our 2011 MAC football preview below. Our predicted 2011 MAC football standings are below and be sure to click on the team names to visit the individual team previews.

2011 Buffalo (UB) Bulls Football Preview: 2011 UB Football Preview
After beating Rhode Island in week one, Buffalo lost eleven straight which includes losing their final two games of the season to lowly Eastern Michigan and Akron. That was due to their offensive ineptness and ranking 105 th in turnover margin.