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Summer Soccer Interlude

Fcbuffalologo-300x300_mediumFor those of us who are not big Soccer fans the game can seem a bit like Curling (please no complaints from curling fans).  Its one of those games that most Americans follow only when national pride is on the line.

For those who can live on this sport like most Americans do on Football, Hoops, Hockey, and Baseball there is a level of talent in Buffalo worth watching. Nick Mendola, formerly the leader of your weekly WECKing has put his money where his mouth is.

FC Buffalo is a National Premier Soccer League member club owned and operated by three Buffalonians: Scott Frauenhofer, Ryan Knapp and Nick Mendola, friends who became associates when the opportunity to back soccer in their hometown arose.

FC Buffalo is newer playre in the area but it follows up the NPSL roots that were established in Buffalo. They aim to help promote local soccer talent to the higher rungs.

With the high-quality soccer being played by so many area college clubs (Buffalo, Niagara, Canisius, Medaille, Buffalo State, etc.), FC Buffalo can keep the cream of the crop in the region year-long to compete at a level they would not see anywhere else. -- FC Buffalo

Why should UB Soccer fans care? Well besides being the highest level of soccer in town it's a team that's chalked full UB alumni. Currently Mike Unwin, Jordan Brouk, Andy Tiedt, Rich Wilson and Mbwana Johnson call FC Buffalo their home.

Mike Daniels used FC Buffalo as a stepping stone to professional play in Finland.

There are two more home games left this season.

Saturday, July 16 HOME versus Buxmont Torch, 7 p.m.

Sunday, July 17 HOME versus NJ Blaze, 3 p.m.

These games are played at Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium in Buffalo, NY..