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Playing a true Freshman, Too Bold?

So bold coaching changes got me to thinking, bold personnel decisions? We all know the spot which concerns us the most this upcoming season, here's a hint it's not the half backs or wide receivers but it is an offensive skill position.

When it came to passing the ball Alex Zordich struggled as much as any QB last season but there was something about his presence that could give UB Fans hope for the future. When protection broke down Zordich tucked the ball and ran. Not a perfect scenario considering how his season ended but it was better than throwing it up and praying.

It seemed that Zordich was set to take over this spring, but a funny thing happened. Jerry Davis outplayed the man who displaced him after the Northern Illinois game. By the time the Spring game was over Davis had reestablished himself as the starter.

Still, as summer rolls on and recruits roll in the question must be asked, what about Licata?

Jobi_medium Joe Licata, know here on Bull Run as Jobi-Wan Kenobi, was perhaps the signature offensive signing in last seasons class. At one point last spring he held an offer from Syracuse, an offer the Orange rescinded when Joe decided to look over all his options. He was also rumored to be in line for an offer from NC State.

But after last seasons summer camp at UB Licata walked into coach Quinn's office and gave a verbal commitment.

Licata owns most of the high school passing records in Western New York. A talented pocket pass he racked up 88 touchdowns and 6,742 yards during his career with the Billies. One game, against a school rival Williamsville North, Licata notched 522 yards. This is a guy with a great arm.

But how often do true freshman start a game? Usually they have had a few scant months to work in a system that their competition has been in for at least a year. True Freshman are used to facing kids who are not as talented as they themselves and in most cases that's not true at the college level.

So usually, you let the incoming talent sit back and soak in the system. It takes a really ugly quarterback situation, or a unique mid blowing talent to get the new kid behind center. But, as UB history bears out, It can also happen because of injury.

The last time a true freshman got the nod it was Drew Willy, and it was not coach Hofhers first choice. Willy was getting some spot work early in 2005 when Stewart Sampsel went down with a shoulder injury in week three against Rutgers.

From that point on it was Willy carrying the bulk of the work. Willy's 2005 was passable by emergency starter freshman standards. He had a few games where he played pretty well and then he had game you would pay to forget. Willy benefited from the game experience he accumulated during a wasted season.

What we lost was Drew Willy in 2009 (how cool would that have been).

So is starting a true freshman one of those things you do when you know the season is going to be a disaster and you want to invest in the following three seasons? and does UB have that kind of time? A decade ago fans would consider a three win season 'progress', UB will have to be moribund for sometime before fans reach that point again.

There is a lot to like about the momentum that the program has gained under Warde Manual, how many more seasons of 2-4 win ball can we suffer without the program as a whole regressing?

What say you UB Nation? If Licata is anywhere near the current QB's this summer should he get a shot come September?