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Keeping pace with last season: Quinn hits his 4th verbal

Last season at this point UB had four verbals, with the commitment of Jordan Johnson today UB once again sits at four recruits early in the process. After last seasons summer camp there was a deluge of players committing to UB. Quinn, now with two commits in as many days, is repeating that despite a lackluster 2010 season.

"It’s close to home and my family can watch me play football and show what I can do on the field. The have a good academic program and academics come first.’’ -- Jordan Johnson

.Johnson was on the radar at Syracuse, Connecticut and Boston College.

Johnson's greatest attribute is his athleticism. Like James Starks and Naaman Roosevelt he is a talented HS QB who might be destined for another skill position at the collegiate level. At 6-foot-1, 200-pound Johnson is a dual threat signal caller who passed for 1,042 yards, rushed for 1,182 yards and 25 TDs as a junior.

Johnson won the Chuck Funke Award (Offensive MVP) during last seasons section VI playoffs. He was also a player of the year.


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