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Talking Bull: McCrea misses U19 Squad

You have a team with eight guards, three true forwards, eight guards, and two centers? What do you do? Well if you're team USA you cut a forward. Yes Javon McCrea did not survive USA's insane decision to go abroad with just two full fledged forwards on the roster.

McCrea cut from Team USA - UB Men's Basketball - The Buffalo News
"The young man we decided not to keep, Javon McCrea, it was really just a numbers situation. He played more than well enough to make the team. We just didn't feel comfortable going over there without three point guards."

I don't get paid the big bucks so I will assume there is logic there somewhere but I am a lot less likely to watch the U19 games than I was before.

Elsewhere in UB sport the Crew team has announced their recruiting class.

Rowing Announces Recruiting Class - Buffalo Athletics
The Bulls signed four rowers to compete with the Lightweights - Margaret Lawn (Orlando, FL/Winter Park), Katherine Coffin (Pleasant Valley, NY/Our Lady of Lourdes), Haley Bryk (Latham, NY/Shaker) and McKenzie Kern (Mechanicsburg, PA/Cumberland Valley).

Crew., in case you missed it, is one of the more successful programs at UB. They won the Colonial Athletic Association championship in 2010 and finished second this season.

Around the MAC we see football study-hall take a good long look at the lowly EMU eagles. Yes those would be the same Eagles that beat us last season.

Summer Vacation: The Eastern Michigan Eagles And Accidental Parity - Football Study Hall
In 1987, Eastern Michigan went 10-2, won the MAC, and knocked off San Jose State in the California Bowl. In the 23 years that have followed, EMU has managed to win a combined ten games over two seasons just twice -- in 1988-89 (13 wins) and 1994-95 (11 wins). Since 1995, their best two-year win total is eight (2004-05). This is a fancy way of saying EMU has been next to hopeless for quite a while.

Were it not for one amazing season by Gill this article could have very well been about the Bulls.


Harvey Updike, the destroyer of trees, is still at it.

This guy is a reality show in the making and I have to admit, much to the disappointment of my loved ones, that I would watch it.

Harvey Updyke Tweets Out Auburn Fan's Home Address, Is Veritable Font Of Poor Choices - From Our Editors -
Alleged Toomer's Corner tree assassin Harvey Updyke's Twitter foray seems to be going well. Less than a month into his tenure on Twitter, he's already tweeted out the home address of an Auburn fan, who subsequently vowed to ring up Updyke's lawyer. That should end well.

On the bright side, we did learn that Updyke owns 66 Alabama hats. I'll just go ahead and assume that's one for every national championship the Crimson Tide have claimed in Updyke's world.

Come on admit it, you would be drawn like a moth to the flame after viewing just one clip on talk soup. It normally takes effort for someone to sink so low that a potential name for their daughter is Allie Bama. My wife would beat me like a mule if I proposed anything like that for the baby we have coming.