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Talking Bull: As if our out of conference slate was not bad enough

Put aside Stony Brook and look at our out of conference schedule, who do you see? Tennessee, UConn, and Pitt. Yes Pitt has a new coach and a bit of chaos but like most AQ teams they are a bit deeper than UB and a bit bigger where it matters.

But, hey that's life in the MAC. You take some lumps if you put up a good OOC schedule but make up for it with MAC Parity right? Just look at what Miami did. I mean its not like there are a lot of world beaters in this conference these days. Right Phil Steele?

Awww Hamburgers!

Which Teams Will Go 12-0 or 11-1?
When I have all of my sets of power ratings finalized I then plug them into each individual team’s schedule and let the computer play out each game using the different power ratings. My computer will then show me which teams that have one or more sets of Power Ratings calling for them to have undefeated seasons. Naturally, if a team is projected at the top of my Power Ratings, it has a greater chance of going unbeaten.

On his list of 11-1 teams are Ohio and Northern Illinois. No, neither team is slated to lose to Buffalo, he has the Bobcats losing to Rutgers and NIU losing to Wisconsin.

One of our 'winnable' games against EMU (The only MAC team we have never beaten). They are having a bit more of a finantial pinch than any other MAC school. Here are the numbers.

Budget shortfalls put more pressure on Eastern Michigan athletic department
A review of the Eastern Michigan athletic department’s finances, using data the school disclosed to the federal government under the Equity in Athletics Data Act and public records requests, showed:

.Still they managed an indoor practice facility (a bubble). Oklahoma State is working on their new digs. UB is still fund raising because there will be little help from the state

Oklahoma State Football Indoor Practice Facility Construction To Begin Soon -
The Oklahoma St. Cowboys announced Tuesday they'll begin construction on a $19 million football practice facility in August. That link includes sketches and so forth, so click on it if you really like sketches. Who can resist them!

OSU is the gift that keeps on Giving. They have been 'cleared' of any wrongdoing in regards to the car sales but if there is one thing we have learned its that the Buckeyes get dirtier the more you dig.

Ohio State Car Investigation: BMV Clears Terrelle Pryor, Buckeye Teammates Of Illegal Activity -
The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles' investigation into Buckeye football players' car purchases uncovered no wrongdoing, but the Ohio State football program isn't quite in the clear just yet.