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Post Spring Depth Chart Released:

Strraight from UB Athletics:

BUFFALO, NY – On the heels of Buffalo’s spring Blue-White scrimmage, head coach Jeff Quinn has released the team’s summer two-deep chart.

Quinn made the following comments on the spring practice season:

"We’ve had 15 very spirited and high energy practices that gave our guys a chance to compete for positions on our football team. From an offensive standpoint we had three main objectives: taking care of the football, getting back to running the ball with a downhill mentality and putting the ball in the end zone more consistently in the "red zone." I thought we minimized our errors in terms of turning the ball over and I thought we developed a good downhill running attack mentality, which starts upfront with the offensive line. We also improved in the red zone area during the spring as well, so I was very happy with the progress on the offensive side.

Defensively the main focus was the point of attack. First getting to the point of attack, and secondly examining our footwork and body position so we didn’t miss any opportunities to make plays at the point of attack and we were able to do that.  Also, we wanted a more aggressive approach for competing for the ball in the air and to be fundamentally sound in terms of contact and I saw improvement in both those areas. There was a lot more contact and more live tackling than we did last spring, and I was pleased at how well our kids competed both with and against each other. The fact that we came out of the spring with no significant injuries is a great testament to our strength staff and the work our kids put in during the off-season."

To follow is UB’s summer two-deep. Players with asterisks at a position are expected to challenge for starting roles in fall camp but were not able to compete in spring drills due to injuries.

There are a few surpises in the depth chart I'll kick those about later but here is your first look

* - missed spring practices

OFF 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
WR Neutz Hughes    
LT Wilson Barbe    
LG Guy Veinotte    
C Violante -OR- Carlson    
RG Davis Bartholomew Ozkan*  
RT Whinery Silas Ostrowski*  
TE Gordon Connacher Dennison Reeder*
QB Davis Zordich    
RB Oliver -OR- Gill Potts  
WR Jackson -OR- Hood Young  
WR Rivers Lee    
DEF 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
DE Means Sokoli    
NG Smith Cahill -OR- Barksdale  
DE DuBois Way    
OLB Mack Roberson    
ILB Pettigrew -OR- Branch    
ILB Syty Skinner Richardson*  
OLB Verser Wallace    
CB Dismuke Lammons -OR- Johnson  
SS Baugh -OR- Houston Sherry  
FS Copeland Houston Redden*  
CB Lester Petit Striggles  
ST 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
P Schum -OR- Fardon    
PK Fardon      
LS Krantz Whinery -OR- Gordon  
HLD Schum      
KOR Jackson Cook -OR- Potts  
PR Jackson Young