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Building the All Decade Team: Quarterbacks

Yes Drew, we all know you're number one..
Yes Drew, we all know you're number one..

What did I learn form the coaches poll? Don't bother to put up someone that I know, hands down, is going to win.Well that and Someone out there thinks last season ranks coach Quinn's

I know almost as a fact, that Drew Willy would run away with the poll. So by executive order I am pinning him as the starter and taking him out of the Poll. If you think someone else should number one on the all decade team please comment below to let me know who and why.

That leaves three spots for other QB's on the all decade team. I'd like four for the roster so consider this the First Team (Willy), Second Team, Third Team, and Honorable Mention poll for Quarterbacks.

Aside from Willy there is not a whole lot of success among Buffalo signal callers in the past decade, this is a team who's best "non drew year" was a 5-7 disappointment in 2009.

Time to pick the QB's who will be backing up Willy..

Joe Freedy: Freedy started from 1999-2001, just qualifying him for the All Decade Team. He captained the ship during the painful first years after UB had transitioned to Division 1A and his stats reflected that. Still he did throw for more than 2,000 yards his final two seasons.

Season Comp Att % Yards TD INT
1999 151 299 50.50 1775 8 11
2000 184 338 54.44 2060 14 18
2001 187 371 50.40 2077 10 15

His 2001 Season put him in the UB Record Books. He was second all time in attempts (Now he is sixth), third in completions (now he is seventh), sixth in yards (he is now 9th), and fifth in total offense (he is now 9th).

Randall Secky: Secky got his first work during the 2001 season but in 2002 he was the man. That year he put the Ball up an incredible 421 times second only to Drew Willy's 468 in 2008. He put up that many in just 11 games versus Willy's 14.

Year Cmp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate
2001 15 35 42.9 153 0 0 79.6
2002 204 421 48.5 2015 12 13 91.9
2003 70 140 50 637 0 3 83.9
2004 35 88 39.8 349 1 6 63.2
Career 324 684 47.4 3154 13 22 85.9

Secky found time on the field during his Junior and Senior years but mainly as part of a QB committee. Still he maintains to this day some sports in the UB Record Books. Ninth for career yards, sixth for attempts, seventh for completions, and sixth for completions in a season.

P.J. Piskorik:

Earned some playing time when going up against Seckey but it was statistically more of a committee effort than anything one player did. Each he and Seckey playing in ten games and started six games with Piskorik putting up the better numbers.

Year Cmp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate
2003 85 162 52.5 824 6 3 103.7
2004 61 133 45.9 616 2 8 77.7
Career 146 295 49.5 1440 8 11 92

Zach Maynard:

Maynard seemed to be the QB of the future, until Turner Gill left for Kansas. He then departed for California and left UB with no game tested QB. Mayned was physically one of, if not the best, athlete at the position but he had trouble with touch passes and decision making.

His one season as a starter yeilded the most yars ever thrown in a game by a YB Quarterback, 400 against Pitt.

2008 1 3 33.3 0 0 52.9
2009 218 379 57.5 18 15 125
Career 219 382 57.3 18 15 124.4

So who would you take as UB's other QB's?