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Davis is the Starter.... Is this a Good Thing?

After the dust settled this Saturday in the Ralph Wilson field house one of the QB's emerged as your starter, just.

The Bulls headed in to spring practice with Alex Zordich, Davis' late-season replacement, No. 1 on the quarterback depth chart. Over the following three weeks, Davis inched his way back in front, gaining what head coach Jeff Quinn categorizes as a "slight edge." -- Bob DiCesare, Buffalo News

When I ran a poll just before spring ball kicked off only 10% of fans thought that spring ball would end with Davis as the starter, I was not among them. Everyone liked the preview of Davis back in 2009 and our hopes got set very high after he had a career day against Rhode Island in last years season opener. Then reality set in.

Excluding the drubbing of Rhode Island Davis only completed more than 50% of his passes three out of nine games What was particularly disturbing was his penchant for throwing pick sixes (and near pick sixes). He also overthrew a ton of open receivers. While he finished the season at a certain number two he may be closer to earning another shot than most people think.

So when he got sent to the bench last season a lot of fans wrote him off all together as a Bulls QB. The only other action he saw all year came after Zordich went down. But after the season ended last year with an embarrassing loss to then win-less Akron Davis, presumably with Rockey theme loaded in his ipod, started getting ready for 2011.

"His focus was just unbelievable. He knew where he put himself and he knew where he wanted to get to. Every day in the weight room, leading the team, cheering us on, clapping for everybody in the weight room, it was just unbelievable, just his energy, just his charisma around the players. I mean, he wants this." -- Alex Neutz

I don't think I've ever questioned Davis's work ethic or value as a team mate but his performance under game day pressure. Unlike last season UB does not open up with a scrimmage against a middling FCS team. We go on the road, to Pitt, a BCS school with something to prove this year.

Davis appeared more at ease in an offense that's been marginally simplified under Patterson and new offensive coordinator Alex Wood.

Coach Patters new offense is quite a bit simpler than the one Coach Quinn and Coach Forrest tried to implement last season. According to those who saw the blue and white scrimmage first hand Daivs looks much more sure of himself in the new offense.

Davis was 9 of 16 for 153 yards and two touchdowns Saturday while Alex Zordich put himself in the second chair by putting up two picks against just one touchdown.

Right now there is a lot of good vibrations coming from the coaching staff and players, but then again we saw that last season. I still think that unless the offensive line is light years ahead of last season Licata will see the field before the end of the season. When Davis was a successful QB, albeit in limited time, back in 2009 it was on an offense that set records all year long, he needs that to be successful.