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Building The All Decade Team - Coaches

via <a href="">wikimedia</a> Hey guys, remember me?
via wikimedia Hey guys, remember me?

Two things occurred to me today. First I realized that after tomorrows spring game there will be months between now and summer camp. That means I will find myself playing NCAA11 until 12 comes out. Secondly this is the first year of the decade so it might be a great time to put together an all decade team for the last season.

So I am going to combine my NCAA 11 addiction and the need to keep the blood flowing with football talk into a series of "Building the Team Post".

When I am done hearing back from Buffalo fans I will build UB Nation's all Decade Team in NCAA 11's team builder and link it up here so we can all get through the 'dry season' together.

Lets start off with the Coaches. Some things to consider are the records, and the number of players who went onto the NFL. James Starks and Naaman Roosevelt did as much as anyone to get UB on the radar of the Buffalo News last season, even though they had both graduated and moved on.

This is probably a no brainer but here are the candidates, let's here it UB Nation who should coach our all decade team?

Jim Hofher: Coached the Bulls for half the decade and managed just eight wins. He was a decent coach at Cornell before coming to Buffalo but his teams were just awful. He has bounced around a little and eventually landed as a coordinator at Deleware where he has helped build a pretty solid unit.

It is worth nothing that many of the guys who won the MACC in 2008 were his recruits. Hofher was a questionable game day coach but was a pretty good recruiter given the reputation Buffalo had when he took over.

Hofher by the Numbers:
Record (8-49, 5-35 MAC)
Best Season: 2001 (3-8, 1-7)
Worst Season: 2002 (1-11, 0-8)

Turner Gill: Coached UB for four years winning a share of the MAC East in 2007, and winning the conference in 2008. His final season was a real letdown as the Bulls were victom of several close losses and finished 5-7.

Despite mixed results the mere fact Buffalo fans were disappointed with a 5-7 season was enough to entice Kansas into taking Gill away.

Gill by the Numbers:
Record (20-30, 14-18 MAC)
Best Season: 2008 (8-6, 5-3)
Worst Season: 2006 (2-10, 1-7)

Jeff Quinn: Just one year of the last decade and man was it ugly. He took a team that had been setting offensive records and started to mold it in his own image. As often happens when you bring in a coach hell bent on his system the firs year goes badly and he moves a little to the center the following year.

There are a lot of intangibles about Coach Quinn, he is defiantly good at selling the program both to recruits and local media the first few years to this decade may be better under his watch.

Quinn by the Numbers:
Record (2=10, 1-7 MAC)