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The Buffalo Bulls Embarrass Central Michigan University

Byron Mulkey runs the show
Byron Mulkey runs the show



I'm Feeling awfully disheveled after watching the Bulls game tonight.

UB Played a phenomenal defensive game, and its always fun to watch Mitchell "swat" Watt rack up his blocks (6 tonight). I hate watching defensive basketball, and with UB being so offensive centric (6th in the Nation in FG percentage), it was frustrating for me, even though we won really big.

The crowd never fully got into the action, mainly because we were up 10+ the entire game. UB did finish strong, with a great performance by the kids off the bench. The final score was 72-43, but I was thirsting for more UB points. At least above our season average of 74, which is good for 69th in the country. 

It was great to see Byron Mulkey put up 29 points tonight, he was trying to out score the the Chips all by himself. He was in need of redemption after a 1 point dud against Ball State.

This game follows an awesome article that was just posted on 

Diamond In The Rough

Zach Filzen only scored 15 points but he was needed only sparingly. He looked dominant even though he shot just 2-8 from three.

The Chips looked like they didn't know how to play offense, I didn't believe a DI college team could only average 49 points a game, but wow, they proved me wrong. The MAC West never ceases to amaze me.  They Shot a paltry 27%, and only could muster up 3 assists. Trey Zeigler (coach's son), was the 33rd ranked ESPN Freshman this year. UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, and Arizona all wanted him, but he chose to go to daddy!

Future Watch: Tony Watson II scored 8 points tonight off of the bench. He hit 2 threes, and might prove to be the successor to Byron. Although,I really like the Corey Raley-Ross kid, he threw down an amazing dunk. Javon McCrea only had 4 points, but he had 8 tough rebounds, and a thunderous dunk. Our future looks amazing right now.
Coming up next: I really think we take care of Eastern Michigan on Saturday, to be a respectable 5-1 against the MAC West, and go into the final 5 MAC East games at 8-3.
Looking back on my prediction - I am still sticking to my guns and saying the bulls finish 20-9 (11-5 in the MAC). This would be good for 3rd in the MACC.
I would say I hit the Byron being clutch, and working all offseason in the head. Although I got to talk to him during his modest redshirt year. 
From my Pre-Season Blog:
"Final Record: 14-14 (7-9)
I am really optimistic about Byron, and I really think the Freshmen will set the stage for a long time."