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Talking Bull: The hunt for the missing links

My laptop died last week and that means all my bookmarks are gone, alas talking Bull will take a bit longer to put together than it usually does, but hopefully I will find some new pages along the way


Desi Green: the Article, the Backlash, and the Facts - Opinion - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
On Wednesday, The Spectrum published an article entitled "Desi Green Ousted on the Brink of History," which detailed the removal of one of Buffalo's greatest all-time athletes from the wrestling team. This piece has proven to be one of the newspaper's most controversial articles of the year, and because this story came from the sports desk, I've been besieged with questions, comments, etc.

Dysert Dissects Bulls - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The Bulls entered Saturday's game with momentum and confidence. Senior quarterback Chazz Anderson was coming off a record-breaking performance and sophomore running back Branden Oliver looked ready to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark on the season.

NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections Week 9 - ESPN
It was another Saturday filled with upsets and near-upsets. What does it all mean for Brad Edwards' and Mark Schlabach's bowl projections?

Luck, LeBlanc to explore options with men's soccer conference affiliation - News - The Daily Athenaeum - West Virginia University
Our conference policy regarding membership issues, whether it be men's soccer or any sport, is to keep those specific membership discussion's internal with our member institution

Bulls' injury woes mount as Neutz hurts wrist - UB Football - The Buffalo News
The injury leaves the Bulls without two of their top three receivers and their two main punt returners. Terrell Jackson was lost, probably for the season, after suffering a neck injury against Temple. The Bulls tried to fill Jackson's role as punt returner before settling on Neutz late in practice this week.

2011 BCS Standings, Week 10: Alabama Vs. LSU, History And A New Orleans Rematch -
This Saturday's LSU-Alabama game is a biggie. How huge? Try this: It's only the 11th time since 1950 that the top two BCS-ranked teams met each other in a November or December regular-season game. Let's quickly see how the others went down:

Second Impressions: Teams Who Aren't Who We Thought They Were -
It's time to revisit some old narratives. Are the Texas A&M Aggies still national title contenders? Will Oregon ever bounce back from their loss to LSU? And Mark Richt has been fired by now, right?