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Jamey Richard Resigns with the Colts

UB's Jamey Richard, at 6-5, 295 pounds, is in his fourth season , has resigned today with the Indianapolis Colts. Upping the number of UB's in the pros on the game-day rooster back up to five (Naaman Roosevelt, Trevor Scott, Jamey Richard, Josh Thomas, & James Starks.) Jamey was selected in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Jamey played right away with the injury to Jeff Saturday. He has appeared in 38 career games (11 starts) primarily at the guard and center positions. In 2010, Richard saw action in 14 games, starting in four at left guard. He was part of an offensive line which allowed only 16 sacks, tying the fewest allowed in the NFL. Jamey was the first UB player that I saw in the Super Bowl. It was on special teams kickoff but he did play. After the break, I was able to talk with SB Nation's Stampede Blue, all about Jamey back with the Indy Colts.

I was very surprised to receive the news earlier this year that Jamey was let go. Great news for Jamey to be back on the game-day roster. Not only has Indy had a terrible start to this season and injuries (way beyond Peyton) has caused havoc to the Colts. Also being a Bills fan, nobody likes to see a team struggle when the franchise QB goes down. (or in the Bills case for a decade with Jim Kelly retired.)

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Thank you for Stampede Blue for providing an insight into Jamey and he being resigned. Interview below:

Jamey Richard

#61 / Guard / Indianapolis Colts



Oct 09, 1984


Jamey was resigned because our offense line has been so depleted. We've been missing 3 regular starters so it would make sense to go back to someone we know and who knows the system. How he will mesh now with Painter will be the question mark. Manning covered for a lot of mistakes and made players like Richards look good. Can he live up to that?

As for his run with the team? To be honest I can't say anything that profound. Prior to getting cut, I thought he had improved but he saw playing time because of injuries and the fact that with Peyton able to get the ball out so quickly, offensive line wasn't a priority. Don't think we will see him start, but the way guys on our line goes down, he may get quality minutes.

Still, I am glad he is back with the Colts!