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Talking Bull: Rewinding UB and Northern Illinois

Image from <a href="">David Marino Photography</a>
Image from David Marino Photography

When you put on an epic comeback, even one that falls short people are bound to sit up and notice. So it was with UB's solid effort. Before moving on to the links I want to Bullet point a few things

  • This Loss was not Peter Fardons fault, the stink on special teams was everywhere and when you play as a team you win/lose as a team
  • Coach Quinn, last week, said we were going to see the real UB football team against NIU, and if thats the real football team all we need is decent QB play next season and we will be very dangerous.

UB-Northern Illinois Game Recap - Campus Watch - The Buffalo News
It’ll be a long time (one would think) before the Bulls' special teams perform as abysmally as they did Saturday. Ed Young lost a muffed punt. Cortney Lester lost a muffed punt. Patrick Clarke knocked an important kickoff out of bounds. And Peter Fardon missed the extra point with 14 seconds left that would have sent the game to overtime. The special teams' collapse ruined what had been a solid and sometimes spectacular day on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Jackson's loss hurts the special teams - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Who knew that when Terrell Jackson went down injured last week, UB had lost perhaps its most valuable player? It's not that Jackson had done wonders as a slot receiver in the passing game. Nor had he been exceptionally electric on punt and kickoff returns. But at least he could catch a punt. At least he could catch a kickoff. And apparently that puts him in a select group of one.

Northern 31, UB 30 -- FINAL - Campus Watch - The Buffalo News
We're back at UB Stadium for today's noon start. Good morning everybody. It's another difficult test for the Bulls, this time against Northern's offensive machine. Can UB match NIU's firepower, as it did against Ohio? As wild as this game might become I still believe the running game is key to UB's chances. They need to eat some clock and establish Branden Oliver as a threat in order to minimize the heat on QB Chazz Anderson.

Wide Left - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
UB Stadium was in complete pandemonium on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to the mind-boggling play of senior quarterback Chazz Anderson, the football team mounted a tantalizing 20-point fourth quarter comeback to tie the game at 31 and send it to overtime.

Buffalo Now Has A Wide Left To Go With Their Wide Right - Hustle Belt
For the second time this year a double-digit fourth quarter comeback comes up a missed extra-point short. Buffalo fell ro Northern Illinois 31-30 after being down 21 points against one of the MAC's strongest teams. It looked like they forced overtime with 14 seconds to play as Chazz Anderson connected with Ed Young for a touchdown, but Peter Fardon's PAT missed wide left. No doubt echoes of Scott Norwood rang throughout UB Stadium. This is just a tough way to lose. And let's remember: this would've forced a tie, not a win. So this is more like a John Carney situation. - Buffalo entertainment, food, events, sports and style
In football, nothing is a formality. Fardon’s extra point was hit solidly, but it flew a feet wide of the left goal post, and the 29-year-old Australian kicker stared in disbelief. UB had lost, 31-30, dropping them to 2-6 on the season, 1-3 in the MAC. Conference title dreams and bowl hopes swirled sorrowfully down the drain.

Bulls kicking themselves " Sports " Niagara Gazette
The Bulls battled back from a three-touchdown deficit in the fourth quarter and seemed to be riding a wave of momentum into overtime when Peter Fardon shanked a point after try with 14 seconds left leading to a 31-20 loss to Northern Illinois in front of the remaining diehards from an announced crowd of 13,370 at UB Stadium.

Summer Sweat Yields Fall Glory for Oliver - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Masses of fans that pack UB Stadium on Saturdays are left bewildered, asking one simple question: "How can somebody that small be that good?"


If you think that just maybe Quinn's seat is starting to warm up, beit ever so slowly, you should see whats going on with UB's former coach!

Turner Gill Hot Seat On Watch After Kansas State Loss, AD's Comments -
Coach Turner Gill is now 5-14 (and 1-11 in conference) since coming over from the Buffalo Bulls, and by any measure Kansas has been one of the country's worst teams over the last two years. If he wasn't already on the hot seat, athletic director Sheahon Zenger's comments after the K-State loss squarely placed him on the burner. Zenger said, "We will get this thing fixed," and added: "We continue to evaluate the program on a week-by-week basis at the University of Kansas," Zenger continued. "We will never make a complete evaluation until the season is over and the body of work is in."

The best Coaching meltdown *ever*



The Paul Rhoads Meltdown GIF That Never Really Ends - From Our Editors -

Upon first viewing of this stirring demonstration by Iowa St. Cyclones coach Paul Rhoads, you'll find yourself thinking it's already looped back around to the beginning. It hasn't. It never actually does. This is, in fact, live footage of Paul Rhoads still freaking out: