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SBNation BlogPoll Top 25 - Bull Run Ballot

Seth Doege opened up a huge door for Boise...
Seth Doege opened up a huge door for Boise...

That thump your hearing is the sound f Oklahoma shaking up the top ten. The Sooners, along with Wisconsin, managed to start making room for teams like Oregon to move back towards the top eight.

By Mid Major Conference

Conference USA: Two teams are in; Houston continues to walk their way up. If they hold on this season they will benefit from the large number of Big10 teams who will be beating each other up.

SMU went from the waiting list to the crap list after dropping a game to Southern Miss, who's early season hiccup at Marshall is the only blight on their record.

Mountain West: Boise climbs up to three thanks to Oklahoma's misstep. The good news for them is that number one and two will play each other. The bad news is that many polls have moved Oklahoma State and Clemson over Boise.

The Myth of a BCS controversy

The narrative coming out of some SEC corners is that Alabama and LSU being 1 and two might eventually lead to a controversy... No, it won't. When they play one will topple the other and that's that.

Of the remaining undefeated Two have to lose as LSU plays Alabama and OSU plays Kansas State. So the potential undefeated teams this season are:

1) Alabama / LSU: Besides playing each other there are other challenges for them. It is possible both could drop a game as they both have one more ranked opponent after this weeks match-up

2) Boise: Should coast to a perfect season, who needs the Big East for BCS bowl access.

3) Oklahoma State / Kansas State: Besides playing each other (thunder dome) they each still have Oklahoma and another ranked team. There is a good chance that neither is undefeated whean all is said and done.

4) Stanford: There is really Just the Oregon Challenge but aside from the opening week loss to #1 LSU Oregon has been bashing heads.

5) Clemson: Maybe the easiest road of any of the AQ undefeated teams. They finish with South Carolina but aside from that they could walk.

Only five teams *can* go undefeated and really only two, maybe three, are likely to go undefeated. There will be no log jam of undefeated teams.