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Five Half formed Halftime thoughts



  1. The fact Jerry Davis is four feet high on the screens is concerning, I know the announcers blew off the second one because Alex Dennison had just taken a few snaps but there is no excuse on that one.
  2. Steven Means is by far the best defensive player on the field, but the entire secondary has really come together after that first drive. Props to Josh Cook for stopping that third down, he took a great angle.
  3. Ok, so Ed Young under-ran that one pass, but that catch at the end (yes it was a touchdown) was showed amazing concentration. Props to Coach Taylor for having his guys ready this season.
  4. Special Teams are... Well... Short Bus special as usual
  5. First series on offense and defense are going to be the biggest so far this season. A stop and score might get in UConn's head. So far UB has thrived on great play and several huge mental gaffs by UConn.