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Hide the china, There's a Bull loose in SB Nation!

George Jefferson ain't got nothing on me!


One year after creating Bull Run on the notoriously moody, but free, blogger platform I'm moving on up. The limitations of blogger and the lack of community within blog-spot were beginning to put a ceiling on the growth of Bull Run and, quite frankly, cramping what little style I have.

Fortunately, the body of work put together on Bull Run over the past year was enough to get SB Nation, THE premier sports blog network out there, to take it on board.

In the past five years Buffalo football has went from national joke, to a local curiosity, to a program which is on the rise. During that time coverage of UB, and the rest of the MAC, has grown significantly. In addition to The SBNation blogs Bull Run, Red and Black Attack, and Hustle Belt there are a growing number MAC blogs out there run by fans or journalists, Bull Run is just another voice.

It is only fitting that Bull Run moves to a new platform in time for Jeff Quinn to take over the team.  Quinn brings an intensity which is seldom matched and the excitement he has generated around the program has fed the UB fan-base.  I bleed Royal Blue and hope to expand the presence of UB Nation.

Blue and white? Damn Right!

What does this mean for readers? Not much. Much to the pain of English professors everywhere I still do the writing, and I still control the content. The only major difference is that if you want to comment on a post you need to sign up for SBNation and join the Blog.