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MAC Blogger Round table

Macroundtableknights_mediumThis weeks round table is being run by the Toledo Blog Let's go Rockets.  You all know the drill by now. Several MAC Blogs will answer his questions on their sites and near the end of the week LGR will take the best answers and pile them into one post on their blog.

Fittingly for Bulls fans most of his questions are centering around the state of your team this season. What's the suprise, what else can go right/wrong.

Jeff Quinn and Warde Manual have really worked at improving the game day experience with new traditions like the march to the stadium. The families of the coaching staff have also done their part by hitting tailgates to connect with the loyal fan base. 

Despite all the laudable effort from the Athletic Department UB's fan base is not large, or loyal, enough *YET* to suffer an on the field product as terrible the team has been.

Anyway, On to the post.

1. What has been the biggest surprise for your MAC team this season?  Can be good or bad, player or team?

I think the biggest good surprise has been the Linebackers. With the cut over to the 3-4 many fans were expecting the front seven to be awful and, Temple Game aside, our front seven has been very good.

The bad is just about everything else. I've never been a fan of 'system coaches' and this year Quinn has reminded me why. This team is not equipped to run the spread, not by a mile, and yet here we are seven games into the season still trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

2. Hypothetical: your team has been selected to play in a bowl game -- from which MAC-tied bowl would you like to receive an invite ?

Based on sponsor the Go-Daddy Bowl. I know there was some flack from MAC fans but as a sponsor it sure beats the pizza pizza bowl. I think most for most AD's the answer has to be the Bowl that  is most likely not to take a financial beating on and likely the Pizza Pizza Bowl.

3. In your bowl game answer from above -- what opponent (any) would you like to face and why ?

I don't care *if* UB somehow were to sneak into a bowl I don't honestly think they would beat anyone, or even keep it respectful.

4. Only a few weeks remain in this season, what has to happen in the remaining games for your team to finish on an upswing / maintain / save the season / etc. ?

I think the fans have checked out aready and no matter what happens from this point on our home games will be, at best, only 50% full. The attendance at homecoming was pitiful and sadly we won't have a chance to run some wins for a week or two.

On the field UB Simply needs to win the games that it should win (Ball State, Akron, EMU) to finish 5-7 which, given the amazing delta this season, would be more than enough to salvage something.

If by some minor miracle we win the games we should and steal one from Ohio or Miami they go 6-6 that might build some excitement going into next season.

5. Rank the teams in the order you expect to see them at the close of the season.

Will Win Will Lose Wins Losses MAC W MAC W
NIU All - 10 2 8 0
Temple All - 10 2 7 1
Toledo EMU, BGSU, CMU NIU 8 4 7 1
Ohio La-Lafayette, Buffalo, Kent Temple 8 4 6 2
Miami Buffalo, BGSU, Akron Temple 7 5 6 2
WMU CMU, EMU, Kent, BGSU NIU 7 5 6 2
Buffalo Akron, BSU, EMU Ohio, Miami 5 7 4 4
Kent BSU Temple, Army, WMU, Ohio 4 8 3 5
CMU Bowling Green Navy, Toledo, WMU 3 9 2 6
Ball State Akron Kent, Buffalo, NIU 3 9 2 6
EMU - All 1 11 1 7
BGSU - All 1 11 0 8
Akron - All 0 12 0 8