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Early UB Basketball fever in the air after "Midnight Madness"


After a night of celebration and every ones favorite "Midnight Madness" event, the UB Bulls early starting lineup took the court.

Reggie seems comfortable with a starting roster as follows:

PG Byron Mulkey, SG Zach Filzen, F Titus Robinson, F Jawaan Alston, F Mitchell Watt

Talking to Byron, he feels the 6 Freshmen could play a huge role this year. It is great to have someone who can step up and be a captain, after losing our top 5 scorers.

Mulkey promised that he would be more of an offensive threat then any of us can immagine.

"I'll tell you what, I am more of scorer then you guys are use to with Boyer, I can say that much" Mulkey joked with me last May.

I am most excited to see G/F Auraum Nuiriankh, A 6-5 195 athletic manic with a year of prep school behind him, he could talk Alston's spot sooner rather then later.

K-Mass's interesting factoid of the night (get use to these, you will see one at the end of all my blogs):

****F McRea from my home city Rochester could be an interesting prospect with his 22.4 points, 14 rebounds and eight blocked shots per game for Newark HS.*****


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