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Drew Willy to start this weeks Loco's game

Drew Willy will take his first game day snaps since the 2008 International Bowl when the Las Vega Locomotives take on Hartford Colonials.

Willy, who was the colts third Quarterback last season, emerged from camp as the clean number two ahead of Rice Graduate Chase Clement last month. They were both backing up Tim Rattay.

Against Sacramento Rattay went down late in the fourth.

Some believed that Head coach Jim Fassel would try to acquire J.P. Lossman last years starter who is between gigs right now (as a Bills fan I can tell you why he is between gigs).

But Fassel has been impressed enough with Drew to give him the offense this week.

"I've been very impressed with Drew. He's grown a lot since training camp and he has showed me, week in and week out, that he can do the job." -- Jim Fassel

Drew is being low key about the whole thing

"You have to be patient, but you don't want to be overly cautious. It's a fine line you're walking. But if you're prepared and you execute the game plan, you can be successful. I've been watching a lot of film and I'm comfortable with the starters. I'll be ready."

If you're interested in watching the game it will be on Versus at 3:30