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Track and Field tunes up for MAC Championships at Akron, Cornell

UB Athletics

With only a week before the MAC Indoor Championships, UB Track and Field split their lineup this weekend between Akron and Cornell's Denault Invitational. Even across two states, it was a limited group, and no school records fell prior to next weekend's biggest meet (so far) of the year. I'll have a Championships preview post in the second half of next week.


For the men at Akron, UB's few entrants didn't end up running. At Cornell, Mitch Fuller narrowly qualified for the 60 finals, placing 7th. Korey Beasley was a few spots behind. No one else entered anywhere.

The women saw Allison Mazur take third in the 60, Asher Beasley eighth in the 60 hurdles, Camaria Long second in the 200, and Amy Villarini fifth in the 400 at Akron. At Cornell, Rasheedah Bull took sixth in the 60 and also ran the 200. Brianna Colello took ninth in the 400.


Bryan Crimmins and Tyler Scheving - no surprise - went 1-2 in the 800 at Akron, but it's also nice to see Tom Meehan run 1:52. He's having a strong season and may be a contender for a jump forward next fall in Cross Country. No one entered in the Mile or 3000. Tim Whelan took eighth in the mile at Cornell, Everett Geiger eighth in the 3000, and Adam Hunt seventh in the 5000.

UB entered no women in Akron, and Meagan Hopkins was the lone top-ten finisher (in the 3000) at Cornell.


At Akron, Laurent Dure didn't register a height after passing on everything below 1.98 meters. UB probably wants both he and Hasani Rathan above 2.00m at the MAC Championships, anyway. Daniel Normoyle was in the mid-4.00s in the pole vault, and no one competed in the long and triple jumps. Christian Doherty and JerMichael Bunch each finished top-five in the long jump at Cornell and Kaishaun Cathey, UB's best triple jumper, took third.

Nina Zesky was the top collegiate high jumper at Akron, where Jen Thill was in the mid-3.00s in the pole vault. Tyra Forbes took first and Crystal Henderson fifth in the long jump at Cornell.


Cribbin-Patterson 1-2, yawn. They could have retired after their first throws and finished atop the table at Akron, where Joanna Hallisy took third in the shot on the women's side. McKenzie Kuehlewind, Miranda Daucher, Taylor Woods, and Jess Dhaliwall went 3-4-6-8 in the weight throw. No UB throwers competed at Cornell.