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Buffalo Bulls Men's Tennis falls to Princeton 6-1 Saturday

UB Athletics

After a tough, narrow loss to NJIT yesterday, UB Men's Tennis had to bounce back this afternoon for a match against arguably their toughest competition yet against nationally ranked Princeton.

Already this season UB had lost to Dartmouth 6-1 and Cornell 4-3 in chances against ranked teams, and unfortunately today's showing was toward the extreme end, as the Tigers handled the Bulls 6-1.

Sergio Arevalillo won the lone Bulls point at #4 singles, while Pablo Alvarez, Ethan Nittolo, and Noah Hajdu-Andersson* all went three sets in their respective matches, but fell. For Nittolo it was the second three-set match of the weekend, a hard-luck stretch for the freshman. Both Nittolo and Alvarez fell after taking their first sets.

* spells it 'Andersson', the team Twitter 'Anderson'. Every time we spell a student-athlete's name incorrectly an angel loses its wings, so we'd like to make sure we have it right.

The doubles matches saw two UB pairings push Princeton to a seventh needed game, but UB ultimately lost all three. Arevalillo's lone victory was the final match decided, so this one wasn't much in doubt for very long.

As always, we don't have full information yet and will update when we do.


1. (PRIN) def. Alvarez/Hromic (UB); 7-5

2. (PRIN) def. Hajdu-Andersson/Mehta (UB); 6-3

3. (PRIN) def. Arevalillo/Nittolo (UB); 7-6


1. (PRIN) def. Hromic (UB); 6-4, ???

2. (PRIN) def. Alvarez (UB); 1-6, 6-4, ???

3. (PRIN) def. Nittolo (UB); 3-6, 6-3, ???

4. Arevalillo (UB) def. (PRIN); 7-6, ???

5. (PRIN) def. Mehta (UB); 6-3, ???

6. (PRIN) def. Hajdu-Andersson (UB); 6-1, 4-6, ???