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Annual Niagara beatdown kicks off second half, Swimming and Diving’s run to MAC Championships

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UB’s yearly Swimming and Diving matchup against Niagara usually comes early in the season, and for good reason — the Bulls are far better than the Purple Eagles, who serve as cannon fodder.

This year, the schedule saved Niagara for the first competition after the lengthy December break, and it’s no different. UB has not provided the score, and does not have complete results on the website, but the Bulls did win every race, so I’m content to call it “a lot to a little,” as I was often told in Little League.

Adding to my confusion is the apparent replacement of all 200-yard individual races with 150-yard editions. That seems ... odd, and in as long as I’ve been covering SwimDive here, unprecendented.

Anyway, the limited results we have are mostly from the brief UB recap, but there’s also this, the entirety of the results sheet currently available to us, featuring three and parts of a fourth event. If you’ve followed the team with any attention, nothing from either source is much of a surprise.

More importantly, we’re just over a month away from the Women’s MAC Championships, with the Men following a week later. The squad has something on the docket for each interim weekend, and we’ll be looking for new and newer season-bests as the group hits the most meaningful competition of the year.

We don’t have season-best numbers from UB this year, and while I’d try to accumulate them myself, I need full results to do so. But the MAC keeps the top twenty times in each event current on their site. Cliff notes:

  • Mason Miller is building on his strong freshman season. He sits tops in the MAC in both the 50 Free and 100 Fly, and top-five in the 100 Free
  • Freestyle sprints could be boom-or-bust for the UB men, with multiple Bulls sitting right on the 8/9 cusp right now.
  • In the other disciplines, Scott Huang and the breaststrokers look predictably competitive at the top of the table, but Joey Puglessi may surprise and score a bunch of points, as well.
  • On the women’s side, Megan Burns. She’s the best by ridiculous margins in the 50, 100, AND 200 Free, and after breaking her own 50 Free record she’s a good bet to return to Nationals.
  • Julia Box similarly looks like she could win three individual events — the 100 and 200 Fly and the 200 Back, but UB’s depth otherwise doesn’t look like the Bulls will be able to consistently put multiple swimmers into championship heats when it comes down to it.

All that said, there’s a few weeks left to really round into form. Both groups are on the road next weekend, the Men at Miami and the Women at Bowling Green.