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UB Men’s Rowing Club seeks access to Women’s Rowing equipment from UB Athletics

UB Stadium Photo Courtesy of Matt Gritzmacher

After news broke in April that UB made the decision to drop four sports including the Women’s Rowing team, UB’s Men’s Rowing Club is seeking access to the Women’s Rowing facilities and equipment for the upcoming year.

The Men’s Rowing Club, housed under the University’s Student Association, currently competes in five races a year and also gives its athletes the opportunity to go on a spring training trip every season. Alumni and their current coach Jacob Jordan are doing everything in their power to reinstate a co-ed club that can provide a place for former UB Women’s Rowing athletes to compete.

With hopes to keep the costs down, the club and SA lawyers have since drafted a letter to UB Athletics in early-May asking for access to their boathouse, docks, boats, and other equipment. Athletic Director Allen Greene responded to this request with, “Please allow us some time to discuss this matter to determine the most appropriate outcome.”

Over three months have passed and numerous officials from the Student Association and UB’s Campus Life office have inquired about the situation but continue to receive no response from AD Greene or any other official from the Athletic Department.

By adding an entire second team to the club, it’s reasonable to assume that expenditures will be a problem. The club expects a $15,000 deficit that they’ll need to make up through fundraising in the next school year. Access to the needed — and probably unused — shells, launches, and motors would more than help a good cause.