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Changes at Buffalo Rowing, Brace named Interim Head Coach for 2016-17

In an era of across-the-board improvement for UB Athletics, Rowing has been a notable exception the last few years, slipping year over year in the CAA Championships and far down from the Dad Vail glory years.

Today, UB quietly announced a shakeup in the program, elevating Kerri Brace to Interim Head Coach without mention of any decision on her former boss, Sandy Calfo. We've all of course over the years learned that only Football and Men's and Women's Basketball see multi-year contracts for their head coaches, but obviously there was a decision in Athletics to make a change.

Brace has been on the UB staff for seven years now and is well ensconced in Buffalo-area rowing, with past experience coaching the highly competitive women's crews at Nardin Academy and at the West Side Rowing Club. She's also served as Buffalo's Recruiting Coordinator, so there's no doubt she has chemistry with the current team, which had nine seniors on the roster last year.

Brace is also one of the biggest all-around fans of UB on Twitter. Give her a follow at @UBCoachKerri